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Pain & Injury Services

Is pain and injury limiting your life?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Areas of Service


sporting impact

Many sports involve impact….this could be a normal part of the sport i.e. a tackle, or could be due to an awkward fall. Acute management will help recovery, however Activate believes that assessment and treatment of this type of injury will minimise the chances of the body compensating in a negative way and causing longer term problems.


Activate Physiotherapists have experience in rehabilitating a wide range of injuries and have access to a full range of gym equipment to guide you on your journey to recovery


Trauma injuries usually occur unexpectedly, and often involve an impact. This could be a road traffic accident, falling from a horse, or running too quickly when the muscles are not ready and causing a tear

injury prevention

Activate Physio for Women would love to prevent your pain and injury rather than cure your pain and injury. We believe that asymmetry, poor posture and repetitive or static work positions can lead to pain and injury.

Activate Physiotherapists can work with you to identify potential contributing factors and address these with hands on treatment and guided exercises.

gradual onset of pain

Gradual onset of pain can happen for many reasons, and could be a combination of a build up of muscle fatigue, muscle spasm, joint inflammation, inactivity, poor posture and poor movement patterns. This then leads to the body compensating and potentially causing more pain. At Activate we believe that it s important to understand and treat the cause of the pain, not just the symptoms