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'Liberation from incontinence pads' Lisa, 53 - click here to read more

I can’t thank Kelly at Activate Physio for Women enough for helping to liberate me from having to use incontinence pads on a daily basis. Prior to having my children in those moments of complete uncontrolled laughter I would loose bladder control. Post having children sneezing and exercise became a problem, however, it was not until I turned 50 that the list of things causing leakage got longer to the point that I dare not get dressed let alone go out without a pad. I finally faced the fact that my problem was not getting better only worse at which point I sought some advice and have not looked back since being referred to Kelly. Strengthening my pelvic floor took time and persistence with exercises but it has been well worth while and life changing. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kelly for her professional yet sensitive approach. Lisa, 53

Kelly Vine