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cancer rehabilitation services

Helping people affected by cancer through physical rehabilitation

The road to recovery.


hope // strength // courage // confidence

No one is prepared for a cancer diagnosis and the turmoil it can create. Activate Physio for Women provides individualised support for women affected by cancer, helping them to navigate through treatment and take their first steps on the road to recovery.

Cancer rehabilitation and exercise has been proven to reduce the side effects of cancer and its treatments. It can improve functional ability, quality of life and survival. Without good rehabilitation, cancer can affect so many aspects of a person’s life - their ability to work, their families, their physical and emotional wellbeing, and ultimately their long-term health.



How can a cancer rehabilitation physiotherapist help?


Pre-treatment & treatment Phase


Weakness & de-conditioning

Falls and balance issues

Restricted range of movement

Weight management

Altered sensation

Post-operative phase

Joint or musculoskeletal pain

Restricted range of movement

Bladder or bowel dysfunction

Scar adhesions

Difficulty with everyday activities

Exercise prescription to improve fitness

recovery phase

Improving fitness

Increase overall wellbeing

Improving ability to do everyday tasks

Increase stamina

Maximise recovery

Improving strength



Addressing the physical impairments early can prevent chronic problems.

At Activate Physiotherapist for Women we believe that we can help you to regain confidence in your body, take away the fear of doing the wrong exercises, and motivate you to achieve your goals


“We feel better when we move…movement is life”

- Eileen Dhal, Advanced Cancer Patient


Our Role

Activate Physio for Women’s physiotherapists are passionate about supporting the whole person, and not just addressing the cancer. All women attending Activate will be assessed individually to determine the impact of surgery and cancer treatments on their health including physical and functional limitations.

  • We will listen

  • We will provide education

  • We will create an individualised treatment & exercise program

  • We will work with you to regain confidence in your body and achieve your goals

  • We look forward to being a positive part of your journey to recovery