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What we do

Women’s Specialist Physiotherapy

We specialise in in pre-pregnancy, during and post-natal care, to help you feel comfortable throughout that exciting but also tough time. There are also many common issues that a lot of us ladies find embarrassing to talk about, let alone treat - we are here to help.

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Sports & Injury Physiotherapy

Pain and injury does not have to part of life. Activate physiotherapists are experienced in treating sporting injuries, trauma and pain that has gradually increased for no reason.

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Cancer Rehabilitation

Activate Physio for Women provides individualised support for women affected by any cancer, helping them to navigate through treatment and take their first steps on the road to recovery. We will help you to regain confidence in your body.



We specialise in working with:

Women of any age

  • Bladder leakage

  • Prolapse

  • Poor bladder control

  • Frequent urge

  • Unsure if you are doing pelvic floor exercises correctly

  • Before and after surgery

  • Bladder and pelvic pain

  • Pain and Injury

  • Injury prevention

  • Rehabilitation

Women with cancer

  • All women with a cancer diagnosis
    // pre-treatment
    // during treatment
    // after treatment

  • Physical rehabilitation for mobility and function

  • Safe, guided exercise for strength and fatigue management

Pregnant women

  • All pregnant women to educate them on safe exercises and pelvic health

  • Pregnancy related back, hip or pelvic pain

  • Bladder issues

  • Poor posture & core strength

Postpartum women

  • Every new mum 6 weeks post birth

  • Abdominal separation

  • Return to exercise

  • Pelvic, back, shoulder & neck pain

  • Vaginal heaviness (prolapse)

  • Bladder leakage

  • Painful intercourse

  • Poor posture & core strength


Our Story

Activate Physio for Women is a private clinic located in Body Shape Female Fitness at Warringah Mall, an environment designed for women to focus on their health and wellbeing.

Physiotherapists at Activate Physio for Women are highly experienced and are well equipped to work with you to overcome your concerns and achieve your goals. We believe that understanding your concerns, and explaining the assessment findings in a way that makes sense to you is extremely important in you achieving success.

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What to expect at your first appointment:

At your initial appointment, your physiotherapist will discuss the history of your concerns and symptoms with you to gain a good understanding. Your assessment will involve a physical examination - for women with pelvic floor concerns this may include an abdominal ultrasound or internal examination of your pelvic floor muscles, depending on your current symptoms. 

Following your assessment, your physiotherapist will discuss an individualised treatment plan with you and answer any questions you may have.

Health Fund Rebates are available & you do not need a referral from your doctor.



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